Get Familiar with CBD Before Giving It to Your Dog

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CBD or cannabidiol is present in the cannabis plant. The concentration of CBD differs from one strain to another. Hemp belongs to the cannabis genre and is used for industrial purposes. It has a high CBD concentration. CBD is a compound that does not cause the high effect associated with the cannabis. It is the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that is the culprit responsible for the intoxicating effect. 

As cannabis is categorized as a Schedule-I drug under Federal Law, it is hard for scientists and researchers to pursue the medical benefits of CBD and THC on a large scale. However, on the state level, hemp-based CBD with less than 0.3% THC is legalized but under federal law, it is still illegal. Nevertheless, you need to gain familiarity with the guidelines given by the state for using, buying, or carrying CBD. 

Can you give CBD to your dog?

CBD is not intoxicating, so vets recommend using it. Research and studies have reported the potential of CBD for treating conditions like –

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Appetite loss
  • Noise phobia
  • Epilepsy

Studies of CBD treats or oils on dogs are still ongoing but there are stories from many pet owners about the positive effects of cannabidiol. It has helped dogs to get relieved from the corresponding anxiety, pain, and immobility. There is sufficient data that reveals the dogs struggling with osteoarthritis got relieved from the excruciating pain. Make sure to buy quality CBD oil for dogs from Just CBD Store. The oil is designed especially for your furry friend. To buy genuine CBD product offline, search for CBD store near me.

Dosage guidelines

Dosage recommendation will differ because CBD concentration differs in oils. It will be based on medical condition severity, the weight of the dog, and the CBD brand you chose. Therefore, how will you determine the CBD oil dosage to give your dog?

If you are treating for reducing seizure or arthritis pain –

  • Calculate CBD [mg] to give your dog based on weight. 0.2 mg/pound is the safe limit.

If the weight of your dog is 45 pounds then you will need to give 9 mg of CBD.

  • Now, calculate the amount of CBD milligram [mg] in every milliliter [ml] of oil. This will depend on the formula strength you bought. 

Some common formula strength available and its CBD per oil [mg/ml]

  • 75mg = CBD 2.5 mg/ml
  • 150mg = CBD 5 mg/ml
  • 300mg = CBD 10mg/ml

If your dog is 45 pounds then you will need 9 mg of CBD.

  • Give 3 ml of 75mg formula
  • Give little less than 2 ml of 150 formula
  • Give little less than 1 ml of 300 formula

Formula recommendations

  • Small sized dog – less than 20 pounds = 75mg bottle
  • Medium sized dog – 21 to 50 pounds = 150mg bottle
  • Large size dog – 51 to 75 pounds = 300mg bottle
  • Extra-large size dog –more than 75 pounds = 600mg bottle

When you look for buying CBD oil for pets there is a need to do some research because the cannabis industry is not a regulated market. Natural does not mean better, for example – sugar-free sweetener ‘Xylitol’ is natural but bad for your pet. It is wise to ask recommendation from your vet. 


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